Nightlife in Berlin

Bars :

It is impossible to make a selection from the oversupply of fine bars in Berlin, yet some personal favorites that approach the alternative character of Berlin from the old days till the cutting edge.

  • Muschi Obermaier in Torstraße 151 Mitte: A New Yorkish bar from the Seventies for film stars, I can not describe it differently, the lighting the atmosphere, one of the few bars where you can still really go dancing nowadays as well. Authentic Berlin atmosphere, in one of the more hip neighbourhoods in the center.
  • Madame Claude in Lübbenerstrasse 19 Kreuzberg: A bar that has been around for a long time, a piece of Alice in Kreuzbergland with furniture attached upside down to the ceiling, there are also often live concerts held!
  • Badehaus Szimpla in Revaler Strasse 99 Friedrichshain: Here are often live concerts and it is located in R.A.W. an empty train repairsite that is converted into club, skate bowl, climbing tower and art terrain which in itself is a unique experience
  • Mysliwska in Schlesische str. 35 Kreuzberg: Yes those good ole 80s years bars from Kreuzberg are still to be found and this is one of them, unpretentious, tasty quirky and full of strange birds in the entertainment district of Slesische Str.
  • Ankerklause in Kottbusser Damm 104 Kreuzberg: A waterinhole for seafarers on the landwehrkanal, it seems at first glance, but a particularly cozy and contemporary original spot on the outskirts of Kreuzberg and Neukolln
  • Roses in Oranienstraße 187 Kreuzberg: a classic in Berlin in the street which was known in the 70’s and 80’s for its punk and transvestitescene, now still a witness of that time, latex ceilings, red fluffywalls, a crazy bar that walked out of Clockwork Orange.
  • Tier in Weserstrasse 42 Neukolln: Stylish jazz bar, which has something cinematic about itself, the seats are limited, the cocktails of the best in the city. One of the most popular addresses in the new hip Neukolln
  • Frollein Langner in Weisestraße 34 Neukolln: For the quiet souls, who want to spend a pleasant evening among friends, the ideal address, friendly student place in living room style
  • Zu Mir oder zu dir Lychener Str. 15 Prenzlauerberg: The name says it all, a bar where many singles are looking for love, but equally good DJs and nice decoration (sofas all over the place) create a great atmosphere, ideal to get to know people
  • Villa Neukolln Hermannstraße 233 in Neukolln: The lighting, the atmosphere, I honestly had the feeling that I had landed in Montmartre in the early years of 1900, there is something with this place which does not let itself grasp… it is also a perfect reflection of what this district has to offer of young people, artists, students from all over Europe attracted by low rental prices

City Beaches and Urbangardens:

Jetzt etwas ganz beisonderes… there are things you find in no other European city or you will have to look hard to find em

  • YAAM: A city Beach on the Spree operated by Jamaicans, it looks at first sight somewhat intimidating as a kind of cracked camping site, but whoever looks further really finds the Carribean easy going (that I mean hammocks + tree huts), which you don’t usualy expect in this city. An der Schillingbrücke 3 Friedrichshain
  • Klunkerkranich: On the roof of the shoppingcenter Neukolln Arcaden lies a city garden converted into a bar with one of the most romantic sunsets and views over Berlin, very hip and there are therefore sometimes queues too. In Karl-Marx-Straße 66 Neukolln
  • Holzmarkt: A combination of a city garden and a city beach on the Spree, in a kind of ecovillage style in timbered houses made out of windows, with playground for large and small children. In Holzmarktstraße 19-30 Friedrichshain
  •  Prinzessinengarten: A cracked parking that has been converted into urban jungle, vegetable garden and beekeeper, where people from the neighborhood grow their vegetables, a nomadic green project that specialises in the occupation of unused open spaces. In Prinzenstraße 35-38 Kreuzberg



An oversupply of clubs in Berlin because this is what makes this city so famous in European youth hence a top 10

  •  Berghain in Am Wriezener Bahnhof Friedrichshain: The best club on Earth, with s the most famous doorkeeper on Earth, you will not be able to get in there just like that even if you have been queuing for hours, but we can give some tips on the alternative bike ride. A mythical place, in which it is forbidden to photograph and of which all sorts of wild stories do the round.
  • Sisyphos in Haupstrasse 15 Rummelsburg: Just outside the innercity, an outdoor spectacle in tommorowland style and well on its way to become the second best club in Berlin
  • Salon zur Wilde Renate in Alt-Stralau 70 Friedrichshain: The atmosphere of Berlin in the 90’s, a cracked house with a party on every floor, approaching at best the Berlin vibe where this city became so famous for
  • Kitkat in Köpenicker Str. 76 Mitte: Gay, burlesque and quite decadent, but that’s only a rumour… the place for dressing parties
  • Kater Blau in Holzmarktstraße 25 Friedrichshain: A wooded amusement park on the Spree, the successor of the now closed Kater Holzig. What was once the placeby the water for Parties. This mini version is very popular with the alternative clubbers.
  • Tresor in Köpenicker Str. 70 Mitte: What to say about Tresor in the 90 ies one of the first technoclubs in Berlin, after Berghain the best known name of all. A name far beyond the boundaries of Berlin.
  • Watergate in Falckensteinstraße 49 Kreuzberg: The commercial version of a good technoclub and popular with the large masses with beautiful light shows
  • Club de Visionaere in Am Flutgraben Kreuzberg: A wooden pile village on a canal, are we in Thailand … no, but you see immediately why this place is so special.  Therefore, a visit is more than worthed.
  • About Blank in Markgrafendamm 24c Friedrichshain: Should you not be let in anywhere else, there is still this club, a secret tip and with all the qualities of a Berlin topclub
  • Badeschiff in Eichenstraße 4 Alt Treptow: A swimming pool in the Spree where you can simply enjoy a coctail and a splash during the day, has a club area at nights… the perfect holiday feeling .


Browse around… at these addresses.

  • Do you read me? In Auguststrasse 28 Mitte
  • Pro Qm in Almstadstrassse 48 Mitte
  • Büchenbogen at Savignyplatz in Charlottenburg
  • Otherland in Bergmannstrasse 28 in Kreuzberg
  • Dussmann Friedrichstrasse 90 Mitte


As a film fanatic a top 10 of the most special cinema halls in Berlin

  • Kino International in Karl-Marx-Allee 33 Mitte: Pure Soviet style, no popkorn or Coca Cola here but a wacky 1 room kino, which brings you to the GDR times along the communist bouvelard Karl Marx Allee… unique experience!
  • Cine Star Berlin & IMAX at the Sony Center at Potsdamer Straße 4 in Tiergarten: All about the most modern gadgets, every year also includes the film festival, red carpet and film stars.
  • Zoo Palast in Hardenbergstraße 29A Charlottenburg: Former film festival Grandeur and still one of the most beautiful halls in the city and yes… behind this building lies the zoo.
  • Film Theater Am Friedrichshain in Bötzowstraße 1-5 Prenzlauerberg: Arthouse Cinema near the Volkspark Fhain, on rainy evenings the building is almost cinematic in itself
  • Babylon in Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 30 Mitte: In the Jewish neighborhood old-fashioned charm from the 1920s, this is what cinema was in the time of your grandparents
  • Neues off in Hermannstraße 20 Neukolln: Small room superpopular, here come all the hip film fans from Neukolln together in the hope of obtaining a ticket, a buzz in Berlin a charming oldskool cinema room with a hip look
  • Hackesche Höfe in Rosenthaler Str. 40-41 Mitte: Beautiful embedded in the courtyards of the Jewish quarter, some of the best seats you will find in Berlin
  • Freiluftkino Hasenheide in Neukolln: In most parks there is an outdoor cinema, this one is perhaps the most beautiful and so you discover automaticly the Hasenheide a hidden green pearl
  • Ladenkino in Gärtnerstraße 19 Friedrichshain: Nice trashy, with a bar and a podium where occasionally local bands play, you would at first sight say a dressing room from a circus, this place breathes alternative Berlin
  • Ehemaliges Stummfilmkino Delphi in Gustav-Adolf-Straße 2 Weissensee: A formerly silent movie theatre, where occasionally something is being played accompanied by piano music, the building inside is in itself a treasure..

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