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On this site I give you an overview of the TOURS, I help you on your way to and in Berlin, search for accommodation. I give you all practical info about my offer. However, there is much more to discover in the city. But first…let me introduce myself:

My name is Thomas Viaene, your guide in Berlin and Potsdam.  I have been staying in this fascinating city for a number of years now and know her as the back of my hand. As a City-Explorer I am at home in many cities in Europe and with a passion for art, culture, music, history and cycling, Berlin is the ideal base. I offer you an amazing bike trip, tours of 15 km spread over 3.5 hours with the necessary stops and a break on the way. All at a relaxed pace. Ideal for corporate excursions, school trips, associations, family trips and private tours. Offcourse along the well-known highlights of Berlin but also along lesser known alternative parts and even real nature tours or an excursion to Potsdam. You will get to know Berlin in a warm personal way through the eyes of an insider with a sense of humor, adventure and a playful touch.

Do not hesitate to contact me via See you soon ! Time for you to join the Berlin bicycle club 😉