Food and drink


  • With my hand on my heart I can tell you that the addresses below will exceed your wildest expectations. Easily get the best ice creams you can taste anywhere in Europe.
  •  Hokey pokey in Stargarder Str. 72-73 Prenzlauerberg: This is what one calls an ice-Pattiserie and is run by a chef. Don’t be afraid if you see a queue up to the street corner until late in the evening even in the winter. People in the neighborhood are almost pathologically addicted to this place. The image speaks for itself.
  •   Cuore di Vetro in Max-Beer-Str. 33 Mitte: An Italian new Wave fan who together with his wife manages this somewhat clogged affair. With corresponding the Cure hairstyle and goth music, you have a unique atmosphere plus probably one of the very best ice creams experiences of your life. Personal favorite!
  • Aldemir in Falckensteinstraße 7 Kreuzberg: A Turkish Classic in Kreuzberg with corresponding popsicle stall, large portions and wacky waffle cups. Here I stop sometimes on the alternative tour.
  • Anna Durkes in Graefestrasse 80 Kreuzberg: Popularly loved, is often served in a special way, I say something like a Berliner bolle. A place where you will become cheerful.
  • Mos Eisley in Herrfurthplatz 6 Neukolln: has taken it’s name from Star Wars and is the perfect place around the corner of the Tempelhofer Feld to pick up an ice cream, although I suspect that before you have stepped up the former airfield the scoop will be already gone. Delicious!


In which I find not only the coffee but especially the atmosphere of the street and the appearance of the place very important. I am not a coffee drinker, maybe that ’s it…

  • Five Elephant in Alte Schönhauser Str. 14 Mitte
  • St Oberholz in Rosenthaler Strasse 72 a Mitte
  • Röststätte in Ackerstrasse 173 Mitte
  • Bonanza in Oderbergerstrasse 35 Prenzlauerberg
  • Nah am Washer gebaut Kiehlufer 55 Neukolln


  •  Anna Blume in Kollwitzstraße 83 Prenzlauerberg: A flower shop and restaurant in 1, in terms of concept store that can count, in the romantic Kollwitzkiez, the breakfast bowls give you that fragrance of Belle Epoque, closer to the jugendstill feeling you do not come in Berlin .
  • Clärchens Ballhaus in Auguststraße 24 Mitte: A little reminiscent of a Jewish weddingroom, often evening dance classes are organized which creates a unique atmosphere. it gives you the feel that you have been in a film or a novel and that is somehow what romance is all about right?
  • Lavanderia Vecchia in Flughafenstr. 46 Neukolln: A trip to Naples, a sultry Italian port city, more artisanal than this is hard to imagine. An interior to fall in love with, what else do you want?
  • Onkel Ho in Gleimstr. 10a Prenzlauerberg: Not so well known, but perhaps just therefore, the unique decor gives a sense of intimacy that is seldom matched and that’s what you’re looking for in romance right?
  • Delizia D ‘ Italia in Kollwitzstr. 100 Prenzlauerberg: The Italian is doing it again and the Kollwitzkiez also, this place takes something of all the above addresses . A warm combination!


  • Bürgermeister in Oberbaumstrasse 8 in Kreuzberg: In a bizarre spot under the monorail U1 in Kreuzberg, long queues, is generally considered thé burger experience in Berlin
  • Burgeramt in Krossnerstrasse 22 in Friedrichshain: In a street where more delicious especially vegie restaurants are, the Pride of Fhain!
  • The Bird in Am Falkplatz 5 in Prenzlauerberg: Spicier then these are hard to find in Berlin, order enough glasses of water in advance!
  • Rembrandt Burger in Richard-Sorge-Str. 21 Friedrichshain: Not super known but appreciated by those who once went by, carefree enjoyment
  • Schiller Burger in Herrfurthstrasse 7 Neukolln: widely known by Neukollners and the reference on a weekend out


Berlin counts a large Turkish population (it is therefore the largest Turkish city outside of Turkey)

  • Babel in Kastanienallee 33 Prenzlauerberg: Although this is a Lebanese affair and perhaps not so well known to tourists, you may consider this place as the best kept secret in Berlin. Great portions, a true meal and really fullfilling in every area. Almost a restaurant visit in itself.
  • ’s Muse Kebab in Mehringdamm 32-34 Kreuzberg: The queues are epic and are often photographed on instagram, it is really a crazy sight, but rightly so. The combination of precooked vegetables, feta, fried potatoes, after this you wish that every kebab worked so detailed. The kebab experience in Berlin anyway!
  • Irmen in Boppstrasse 10 Kreuzberg: In terms of meat you are good, they whisper the best in the city, there seem to be a lot of rituals to come to the highest possible quality and perhaps it is that what makes this place so special in all its simplicity .
  • Vöner in Boxhagener Str. 56 Friedrichshain: Although you are not in a Turkish neighbourhood, this gem should not be missed. Super friendly service, low prices, perfect kebab on taste. More can’t be asked!
  • Tadim in Adalbertstraße 98 Kreuzberg: In the heart of the Turkish community in Kreuzberg at the Kottbusser Tor and just therefore a full-fledged experience that will make you forget that you are in Germany. Crunchiest bun so far in Berlin!


With sushi it all depends a bit on your personal taste and what you order of course, but these places are good references

  •  Omoni in Kopenhagener Str. 14 Prenzlauerberg
  • Sasaya in Lychenerstrasse 50 Prenzlauerberg
  • Gingi’s Izakaya Rykestr. 45 Prenzlauerberg
  • Sushi Bar Ky in Oderberger Straße 40 Prenzlauerberg
  • Musashi in Kotbusserdamm 102 Kreuzberg

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