Berlin’s Famous Highlights

A bike ride along all the famous attractions that Berlin has in store, including Checkpoint Charlie, the Berlin Wall, Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag, Unter Den Linden, Holocaust Memorial, Postdamer Platz and many other … The tour lasts 3.5 hours (30min break incl) . Everything at a relaxed pace.

The Reichstag





A world famous building that has played a special role in (Berlin) history over the last hundred years. It is very unique and fun to walk inside the dome, which gives a view on the seats of Parliament and a very nice view of the city. That’s for free but you have to sign up a few days in advance, in for safety reasons.

Brandenburg Gate




The symbol of the fall of the Wall in 1989 but also befor that time already a special gate, which has experienced both the Prussian empire, and the Third Reich of Hitler. After the war, the Brandenburg Gate ended up behind the four-metre-high Berlin Wall in the GDR. To this day, it remains special to be able to walk under the Gate, in all freedom. Especially if you realize that this was impossible between 1961 and 1989.

Holocaust Memorial




Also called ‘ Denkmal für ermordeten Juden Europes ‘ Very special and beautiful monument to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust. Really moving to walk through, to get lost inside the inconcievable. This monument has been created by the artist Peter Eisenman to serve both as a memory and a playground to take pictures, to play hide or to sit down. However, it’s not allowed to stand on the blocks , so keep account of it.

Potsdamer Platz/Sony Center




Before the Second World War Berlin’s Potsdamer Platz was an important traffic hub. On the roads were the fanciest department stores, most luxurious hotels and extravagant casinos, which together formed the vibrant Berlin of the roaring 20 ‘s.
During the war, this square and all its glory was completely bombed to the ground.
There was nothing more than an empty sand plain, afterwards the Berlin Wall was built here across the Platz.
The Berlin Wall and the notorious Dead Strip with its spotlight and barbed wire, was very wide here.
In 1992, the reconstruction began. It took almost 20 years, but now it’s finished. Of the cosy 1920s is – despite the hotels, department stores and shopping malls – unfortunately nothing can be traced back, but the Potsdamer Platz is now a ultramodern piece of Berlin, full of high-rise and skyscrapers. On the Platz there is still an old traffic light that survived the war. There is also an old sign of the S-Bahn to be found. It’s not a pretty square, but well worth a look .


Unter den Linden

Berlin has a beautiful avenue, namely Unter den Linden. In the past it was above all the boulevard of Prussian kings and the stroll avenue of the rich. It is a long lane, which runs from the Museum Island to the Brandenburg Gate. Unter den Linden is located in the Mitte district and was built in the 17th century.
If you are visiting Unter den Linden as a tourist, you will encounter countless beautiful buildings. It is also true that you will come along a lot of famous sights. For example, you can visit Madame Tussauds Berlin, but the Berlin City Library is also available. Other buildings that are on Unter den Linden are the State Opera, Neue Wache, Haus der Schweiz and the Art academy. The Neue Wache is very impressive as there is a Pieta of the Berlin sculptoresse Käthe Kollwitz, to commemorate the victims who died during the war.
Along the avenue is also the famous Humboldt University. No less than Einstein and Marx, preferably 29 Nobel Prize winners graduated here.

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